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You know you met the right people when you leave the room inspired and with positive vibes. Thanks, Stacey Ferreira for an amazing event, great advice and a lot of lessons regarding the entrepreneurship world.

Corina Tudorache

Stacey's startup CEO mentorship/advice has been outstanding. I have learned so much from her in our sessions/interactions (hiring, fundraising, sales, product-market fit, pricing, culture). She is one of the most charismatic and diligent CEOs that I know.

Pedro22 Years Old

Stacey has been a great resource for me since I joined the startup scene. Her advice has been incredibly helpful and insightful.

Mehak20 years old

Stacey's insights on the panel we had of young entrepreneurs at the Summit were unmatched. For such a young entrepreneur, she has a wealth of knowledge!

Cisco CIO Summit

Stacey frequently speaks at the Thiel events that we host. Her entrepreneurial journey is extremely inspiring for all the fellows and for all of us putting on the events!

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